Thursday, June 14, 2012

News From the Farm

{And Clive}

The tomato plants are flowering!

Thai Basil

Um. Basil.

Recently tamed Thyme
Crazy chives and baby lime basil.

This is not the garden that I had originally planted.  I let my cilantro plant go and flower, {hangs head in shame} and had to pull it up. My watermelon plant disappeared without a trace when I was back in KC. And for the second year in a row my lavender didn't even sprout. But my lime basil did sprout, my new mint plant is only fueling my new favorite summer flavor combination of watermelon and mint, and not to humble brag, but I do declare that I have prettiest Thai Basil plant in the known world. 

(My dill and rosemary plants weren't feeling photogenic the day of this little photo shoot, but this proud mama thinks they're still beautiful.)

The above pictures were taken last weekend, but when I went to water my plants last night, I saw some exciting new developments:

I also chased a raccoon out of the yard. Country livin'. 

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