Thursday, June 21, 2012

In My Bag

I like to think that all my travel adventures have given me mad packing skills.  Some trips I have brought too much, on others too little, all of which have taught me what I really need on a trip. So while my wardrobe choices may change depending on when and where I am going, I always, always, always, pack a handful of items, no matter the location.

1. Snacks. Sure snacks are fun to have, but they are also necessary. When people get hungry they get cranky, and there is nothing that can speed a trip downhill faster than you or your traveling companions sporting some cranky pants.  Even if I am going somewhere where there are easily obtainable food options, I always have enough snacks in my bag for myself and to throw at friends. You never know when a plane is going to be delayed, or a hike takes longer than you thought, or the next exit off the highway is 45 miles away. Someday I hope to be as fancy as Heidi from 101 cookbooks and bring homemade pot stickers on long flights, but for now I usually pack granola bars, dried fruit/trail mix, gum and a bottle of water. All these usually pack well, can survive a bumpy ride, and are pretty filling without being heavy.  The bottle of water is super duper important.  Stopping for bathroom breaks can be annoying, but puking and passing out due to dehydration is way worse.

2. Pocket size notebook + pen. I have previously stated my love of pocket size moleskine notebooks, and how perfect they are  for traveling; they fit in most bags without taking up all your snack space. Record in them in travel memories, keep track of expenses, make lists for trips to the market, write down directions and eatery recommendations from the locals, and my personal favorite; write little notes and wishes to tuck under rocks, in old  brick walls and other secret places.

3. Basic first-aid supplies. In my travel cosmetic bag I always keep, band-aids, alcohol wipes, ibuprofen, Tylenol PM, and antacids. Headaches, blisters, and stomachaches due to new and different food can strike in the most inconvenient times (in the middle of the night) and places (in the middle of nowhere).  

4. Earplugs. If you are traveling with people, even people you like,  you will need these at some point. The end.

5. A cloth bag that can be folded up. This is the newest entry on my must pack list, and come to be on the list because of too many episodes of trying to carry all my groceries out of a French grocery store that doesn’t give you bags.  But I always find so many other uses for it: holding farmer’s markets findings, carrying a picnic lunch, laundry bag, beach bag, and an extra bag for souvenirs that don’t fit in my suitcase.   I love having a bag that can be easily folded or rolled up and can be carried both in a suitcase or a small day bag, so I am now always ready for those armfuls of frommage and baguettes.

6. My “A” game. Word.

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  1. Yay for folded bags! They come in ever so handy.

    The only addition I would add is sunscreen. You know, for traipsing about the Welsh countryside.