Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear California: You're Rad.

What an amazing trip. I only made my fellow travelers car sick once on the winding roads of the central coast, I had a moment of clarity during my friend's wedding ceremony, I laughed to the point of tears at the reception, had a late night confession,  hunted for sand dollars along the shore, and  consumed some mighty fine tacos.  This why I travel. I learn so much about myself and what I really want in life. I was so happy to share this trip with some friends, beautiful examples of the truth that happiness is when life is shared. Smell Ya Later! (Did we karaoking some Fresh Prince while driving through Bel Air? Oh yes. Yes we did). 

We literally had to be kicked out of the place and might have contemplated hiding in the bathrooms so we could stay forever.

Montana de Oro State Park/Beach 
Oh, no my lens cap is on and the waves are coming. . 

 Sunset over the Hollywood Hills
 Griffith Park Observatory 

The Old LA Zoo Ruins in Griffith Park

I wish i could take credit for this picture, since it is the quintessential California coast shot, but I was driving and handed T my camera. This is why it is always good to travel with friends who are professionals. 

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