Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Dreaming

The calendar may say that summer is still a couple of weeks away, but the weather lately says it is already here. My childhood was spent in Southern California where we really didn’t have seasons. Since moving to the Midwest and eventually the East Coast, I have come to appreciate this new beginning we get every few months.  Whether it’s new snow or flowers poking their heads up through the ground, or the warmest sunshine, or the leaves changing colors, we can always count on Mother Nature to teach us about the cycle and change of life. 

Other seasons might have a sense of responsibility, winter, I’m looking at you and all your snow shovels,  but summer still invokes a time of fun and freedom, even if I no longer get a summer break.

This year has been so very different than I could of planned or expected. And to be honest, because of this, making long term plans these days makes me a little anxious. And by long term I mean more than a week. But this week I took a deep breath, sharpened a brand new #2 pencil and got out a clean sheet of paper and started to make some summer plans:

Clive. Clive is the camera that I got myself for my birthday/Christmas. I love him dearly, but he is the biggest camera I have ever own. And he isn't that big. But I have gotten used to my point and click or my iPhone, both of which I can slip in my pocket and pull out whenever the perfect moment comes around. But with Clive I feel there is so much more planning involved.    I'm still trying to find a camera bag that protects the camera but doesn't scream, "I have an expensive camera in here."  Somehow in my head I think a fancy camera needs fancy things to take pictures of. And there are so many new settings and superpowers to learn, it can get a little overwhelming. But I think I  just need to spend more time with him, even if it means taking pictures of not so fancy random things (see below).

Pickles. I love pickles, always have. This year I am hoping to support my briny habit by learning to make my own. And then eat them all. Hopefully, not all in one day. This may be a test in will power.

My herb garden. Speaking of eating things, I want and need to spend more time with my little herb garden. I planted it a couple days before I left to go home for the hardest day. When I returned to DC, I sadly discovered that some of plants didn't survive my absence. So I've been trying to cheer up my survivors Yes, I'm of those that talk to my plants, "Good job little dill plant, good job!" You can count on more updates to follow.
One of my tomato plants and a couple of basil plants, and lots of weeds I need to pull. 

Backyard Parties. Speaking of things in my backyard, when I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards last weekend I found  a box of red and white stripped straws, it was like an omen and the party planning ideas have been filling my head. My house has a great backyard and we just happen to have 2 grills and lots of picnic blankets.

Good times.

Big summer concerts. Don’t get me wrong, I am ok with going to concerts by myself. I like to get there insanely early to get the right spot and if I know the words, I sing really loud to the songs. But I also love talking friends into coming too or having friends talk me into going to see their favorite bands! And years from now we can all sit on a porch sipping lemonade and talk about the one time we saw that one band.
(P.S.:  Mumford & Sons is releasing their summer US tour details next week. )

The beach. This summer I’ll be dipping my toes in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Don’t worry, I don’t play favorites.

Summer love.

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  1. If you need a pickle taste tester or a co-briner count me in! (I'd be game for any of the other activities as well, I also don't play favorites.)