Friday, May 18, 2012

Sounds: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros @ 9:30 Club

When I tell people about Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros I usually find myself using the word, "hippies." Some people are totally fine with just that, others I have to follow up with "and they are  fantastic." If I started a band with a bunch of random friends playing lots of random instruments I am sure this is what we would sound like. At the show on Tuesday, I counted 12 people on stage, all the time. 2 singers, 2 guitars (electric and acoustic, one also played the banjo), 2 drummers, each with there own complete drum kit, 1 horn/keyboard, 1 accordion/keyboard player,  1 bass player (electric and stand up), 1 piano player (real piano, not electric keyboard, they already have 2 of those), 1 fiddler, and 1 percussionist. Everyone had their own tambourine. Their energy on stage is fantastic to say the least.  Edward Sharpe, is really  Alex Ebert, and he wanders around the stage barefoot and doesn't have a set play list (um. . .how 'bout we play this song?) and interacts with crowd and along with the rest of the band really does spread peace and love and all that other hippie stuff.

Notes on the pictures. I felt like they should be in B&W. For once, I felt like I was too close to the stage, everyone's feet are cut off.  A microphone stand got in the way of too many shots. And there was no way that I could get all members of the band in. But I sang with my eyes closed and really, isn't that all that really matters at concerts?

I feel that I should post one of their songs, from the new album, Here, which is due for release at the end of the month (May 29), but I just love their 2009 debut album, Up From Below, and well, my blog. That album features probably their most popular song "Home." Although I usually prefer to post live videos, especially for concert posts, I just (also) love the "Home" video too much, and Jade's voice in it, and them marching in the desert, and the whistling. 

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