Friday, May 4, 2012

Song the Week: The River and The Road

First, listen to this song, "Straw, Brick, & Wood," By The River and The Road.  I feel that I am going to get off topic really fast and I don't want you to miss this:

Quite a lovely song, right? And those drums  . . .fantastic. I love when songs tell your heart how to beat. Their debut album was released earlier this month. Man, April was such a great month for new music.

And now I start to wander . . . 

True Conversation:
Me barging into the room with some important news:
Me: I found a new banjo song. It is from a band from Canada. Who knew they had banjo players in Canada? 
Sister: Well, they have mountains and trees.
Me: And plaid shirts! I feel banjo players wear a lot plaid shirts. 
Sister: And beards.
Me: Oh, and beards. Sigh.

Conversation notes/translation:

No matter how many or whatever other instruments are in a song, if a banjo is played, it is a banjo song.

I have in fact, been to Canada, and it was lovely and it was also Quebec. I feel that the Quebecois go out of their way to prove that they are not Canadians. I felt more like I was in Europe than what I picture Canada to be.  But maybe that was just the poutine talking.  What is poutine? French fries covered in gravy and cheese, and I am super duper surprised that the US hasn't stole this idea, we do love things covered in gravy and cheese.

Note to self: open a poutine food truck in DC

I have no problem with guys in beards and/or plaid shirts. Thank you, my years in MO. 

I fully acknowledge that my idea of Canada maybe be a little mythical, so maybe I just need to take a road trip to the North and listen to more Canadian banjo players in plaids shirts and beards. (And maybe see a moose playing hockey?)

Oh yes, I need to do that. posthaste. 

(p.s. this little blog broke the 10,000 page view mark yesterday! High fives all around!)

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