Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Random Thoughts Because I'm Not On Twitter

Peanut Butter M&Ms to the rescue! Of most things. I mean, when wouldn’t they help a situation?

When my life story is turned into an audio book, I want the chapters to be read by Ira Glass and Tom Waits.  

I’ve become  one of those library patrons that I hated when I worked at a public library. The kind that put holds on books, online from home, that are on the shelf, instead on just going to the library and taking them off the shelves themselves. Maybe I should get an e-reader so I can be even lazier.

My sister and I have similar digestive issues and she has been researching a new diet.  When I saw that chickpeas are on the “foods to avoid,” list, I instantly thought, Hell to the No.  

The next time someone asked me if there is anything they can do for me, I’m going say, “Yeah, this cake.” This will test their sincerity.  I would just have a fancy brunch and make it, but I am terrified of making crepes  myself. I'm not good with delicate things.  And that is why I frequent the crepiere stand at the farmer's market. And go to France. And usually just make pancakes. 

Huh. You can negotiate your rent. As in, you want me to pay that? I don't want to pay that, how about this? And I win. 

First hot car of the summer. DC, sometimes you make it so hard to love you. (hot car = subway train car with no AC)

Idea for a band name: Sea vs. Ocean. I had a discussion tonight about the difference between a sea and an ocean. Short answer: a sea is the part of the ocean that touches/is partially surrounded by land. Long answer: look it up. Also, I'm not starting a band, but if the opportunity arises, I like to be prepared. 

I need to stop blaming the movie Signs for me almost always having 2 or 3 or 6 half empty (or full, if you are one of those types) glasses of water hanging around the house. Aliens aren't coming. And even if they are, it's not like they are going to destroy this planet because of our housekeeping habits. It will somehow be related to the popularity of dating reality shows. Duh. 

I am finding that living through a tradegy either makes one more compassionate towards those around them, or completely self absorbed and blind to the suffering around them. I hope I go the compassionate route. 


  1. Something you might not have thought of with the library stuff: Raina is impossible to take to the library unless we are sitting down reading children books. Browsing for my books does not work. Hence the books on hold that are on the shelves.

    I'm not going to make you that cake, as I have something against bananas, but I'm sure you can get someone to do it. (Next time you are with Jen maybe??)

  2. You don't like bananas? You and my mom would be BBFs. I'll probably end up making the cake myself, and just get the store made crepes and hope purists don't get all snippy about it. If they do, no cake for them.

    Also, I totally get your point about the library, and it warms my heart that you take your adorable little girl to the library.