Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sounds: Trampled By Turtles @ 9:30 Club

Trampled By Turtles pretty much set Washington, DC on fire on Friday. They are one of those bands that you just have to watch in awe because they are just so good. Each of the five musicians are talented in their own right, but put them all together and a new word needs to be invented because awesome doesn't even come to close to what is up there on stage. I'm pretty sure that I stopped breathing during their amazing cover of The Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." A tribute fitting of the great Levon Helm, RIP. 

I was talking to an older couple before the show started about what type of music TBT play; folk? alt-country? Americana? I had to admit that I am terrible about categorizing or describing bands. In my head there really are only two types of music and/or bands: stuff I like, and stuff I don't like. I think that I have finally grown out of the stage of trying to be a music snob and put bands and different types of music into neat little boxes and have them compete against each other. I love the fact that I feel at home at a punk rock show as much as I do at a banjo festival. I believe that it is healthy for the soul to have an eclectic love of music. Our souls are so complex that some days you need to have dance party, and some days you need to lay on the floor in the dark. But no matter what type of day you are having, there is song for it. Oh music, you are a wonderful thing!

Some favorite shots of the night, and if their hands look a little blurry isn't so much because my camera is out of focus it is because they are strumming those strings with such vigor:

Their new album, Stars and Satellites came out earlier this month and it is beautiful. My favorite song of the moment from the album, which our friends from Minnesota played on Friday is "Alone," :
I swear, that banjo breaks  my heart every time. 


  1. I love the banjo too but I'm digging the mandolin in this song.

  2. That's ok, more banjo for me!

  3. That is an awesome song. I haven't checked out their new album yet but I am on it now!! Glad you loved them in concert as much as I did :)