Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Song of the Week: Open Post

I tried writing this week’s post three times, about three different songs. But all three posts ended up basically saying, this song is good, you should listen to this song, the end. And while, true, that really doesn’t do any of those songs justice. And good music, like people wrongly accused of not knowing where Kansas is on a map (I’ve been there) deserves justice.  Maybe I am going through a music funk, the kind where you still love your old music, but you are itching for something new to rattle your bones and shake your mood.  My Song of the Week posts are usually my favorite to write and they also usually get the most response, so I am breaking down the third wall  here and asking you for your song of the week. In other words, what are you listening to right now, what song has been stuck in your head for the last couple days, what was the last song that made you stop and say ”holy cow, what was that?!”

How can I prove that I am truly serious about wanting responses? Free tambourine solo for everyone that responds? Ok, maybe those of you that have heard my tambourine solos wouldn't want that. Jam? My heartfelt thanks?

1 comment :

  1. So, I've had my ipod on shuffle this week and it's pulled up a lot of random old stuff that I've been loving. Richard Marx, Billy Joel, Kansas, Journey, James Taylor...classics for a reason! But I also recently stumbled on this group called Gashcat. Youtube their song "The Morning Sun", good stuff!