Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Song of the Week: The Lumineers

I fell in love with the song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers at exactly 12:03 AM while washing dishes one late night/early morning.  iTunes was shuffling songs on my laptop and I was cleaning out the food processor for what felt like the umpteenth time and all of a sudden this song came on and startled me. HO! HEY! But pretty soon I was stomping along and splashing a little too much water, as a cookie sheet became a stand in drum. I love when music just makes you move without you knowing it.  It is such a simple little song but I think most good songs are. If you get too complicated your head and your heart just gets so confused on what it should be hearing and feeling that you just give up and turn off the song. And 12:03 in the morning is not the time for complicated song. It is, however, the perfect time for a little song with a little tambourine, a little guitar , a little clapping that all somehow magically turns your kitchen into your own little hootenanny.

And  the video is just as charming as the song. Especially if you feel that definition of charming should somehow involve lots of people wearing suspenders.

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