Thursday, April 19, 2012

Notes to Myself

Note to self:  Stop buying dresses without pockets, even if they are cute. Carrying a bunch of things in your hands into  meeting isn’t cute.

Note to self:  When your toes start to tingle, that means you have reached your caffeine limit for the day.

Note to self:  Do not start googling stroke therapies and treatment options after 10  o’clock at night. You will never get to sleep that night.

Note to self:  Really, really considered giving in and signing up for Netflix again. They have Dark Shadows, you are the last person on earth and the moon that hasn't seen the Downton Abbey Christmas special, and next year they will the place to see new episodes of Arrested Development. . . next year.  Bluth family 4ver.

Note to self:  No, you do NOT need a glue gun. Say it. Repeat it. Believe it. (Rebuttal note: Since there are no specifics in the 2nd Amendment, I am just going to assume that it covers glue guns too. So I have a right, a RIGHT, to bear arms . .  .of craftiness!  The glue gun debate was sparked by this book page wreath, and the general desire to make laser gun sound effects when I glue things together.) 

Note to self: The only twitter stream that it is appropriate to catch up with at 3:30 in the morning is Nathan Fillion's. Especially now that you understand all the Games of Thrones references, because you are now a couple hundred pages into book 1 and that makes you an expert. (p.s. LOVE the book. I am trying to promise myself to finish the first book before I figure out a way to watch season one of the mini-series)

Note to self: Make %100 sure the guy in the elevator really is Chris Thile before you freak out. Dear the real Chis Thile, I'll see you and the rest of the Punch Brothers next week!. Speaking of Punch Brothers, have you guys seen this:


  1. Totally feeling ya on the googling thing. It sucks the life out of your next day. On a positive note, you aren't the last person on earth or the moon to watch the Downton Abbey special. I haven't seen it. :) Or past the first episode for that matter. I'm thinking of changing that as soon as I can get time to do so.

  2. Oh, with Dowton Abbey you totally think you are being all classy because it is PBS and British, but deep down its an addictive soap opera. It's great.