Monday, April 30, 2012

The Little Things

Oh how time changes and stops and then speeds up all at the same when a loved one is ill.*  I can't even remember what my moments of happiness were a couple a weeks ago, maybe it was that the Metro was running (ie not breaking down), or that my evil nemesis (every superhero has one) was on vacation, or that I found a secret stash of chocolate in the back of the freezer. All those things seem so insignificant now.

These days my little moments are a lot simpler:

When my dad opens his eyes wide and clear and bright and looks right at me and says, "Hi there!"

When my sister and I sit by his bed side and take turns reading The Hobbit to him.

Going through old pictures with one of my uncles and realizing that once upon a time my dad totally rocked a pair of overalls. 

The constant, and I really do mean constant,  stream of visitors and phone calls and emails and texts and cards. I love every single one of them. It has brought a lot of comfort to know that my dad has touched so many people, whether it be because of his teaching career or involvement in the military, community, or his church.  Our house is full of flowers and ham and brownies and cards which little by little is making this all a little bit easier, a little bit of knowing that we aren't alone in all of this. 

*My dad has a rare brain disease that has a complicated name that I haven't bother to memorize. This, in my mind, takes away some of its power.  It has no known treatment or cure. 

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