Thursday, April 12, 2012

Favorite Things: Cherry Blossoms

I live in the DC area. I have a blog. It is springtime. So I am bound by some blogging bond to have cherry blossom post. And that really isn't a bad thing, I mean, have you seen the cherry blossoms?  I love the idea that thousands of people come to our fair city just to see trees;  lovely, lovely trees.  The cherry trees were a gift, in 1912, from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, as a symbol of the friendship between the two cities. The trees only bloom once a year, and the blossoms only last for short time, a couple weeks at most. 

This year I didn't make it down to the Tidal Basin  where you walk under a canopy of these delicate pink and white blossoms. But even though the path along the water and various amazing monuments is the piece de resistance when it comes to bloom, it isn't the only place the Japanese trees call home. In fact, there is one in my front yard:

Each year, when the weather starts to get warmer I look at this tree with anticipation, "When is it going to bloom? WHEN?" And then one day it just explodes with blossoms and I know that winter is over, for real, and summer is just around the corner. 

To see more and infinitely better cherry blossom pictures check out DC photographer extraordinare, Tiana Simpson's series. 

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  1. Extraorinare! Wow! Thank you for the compliments and the link, you are the best.