Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sounds: Chieftains @ The Kennedy Center

As expected, the Chieftains were pretty amazing last night.
I've decided that I want a pipe and drum band to follow me around. People will ask, "Why do you have a pipe and drum band following you around?" And then my pipers will proceed to drown out people that ask ridiculous questions. This could come in very handy at work. My little band would wear kilts, except on casual Fridays where they could wear whatever they want, even jeans. I would be such a nice band leader. 

If you have ever been to the Kennedy Center you know that in the programs are printed a list of "Golden Rules" for visitors. The whole chorister section, where I was seated, broke Rule #7: Thou shalt not talk, or hum, or sing along, or beat time with a body part. We sang along, we clapped, we hollered when appropriate, and we never stop stomping our feet to the music. Rebels are we. They played for about 2 hours, most of that in what I like to call hootenanny style, showcasing each member's individual talents, along with their super powers playing together as a band. I also really like to use the word hootenanny

As the line up tends to change, last night we had the privillege of seeing and hearing:
Paddy Moloney, Tim Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
Kevin Conneff, Bodhran, Vocals
Matt Molloy, Flute
Sean Keane, Fiddle
Jon Pilatke, Fiddle, Dancer
Triona Marshall, Harp, Keyboard
Jeff White, Guitar, Vocals
Deanie Richardson, Fiddle, Mandolin
Alyth McCommack, Vocals
Cara Bulter, Dancer
Nathan Pilatzke, Dancer

Special Guests:
Cady Coleman, a NASA astronaut who last year, borrowed a tin whistle from Paddy and an 100 year Irish flute from Matt Molloy, and played then from the International Space. She returned the instruments to the band last night and played a couple of songs with them. Her zero gravity flute skills can be seen in this video on the NASA website.

The Rockville High School Pipe and Drum Band. Amazing, and I was happy to see a couple of girls in the band!

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