Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Song of the Week: The Mighty Regis

Editor's Note: ShamrockFest reviews continue, and will probably for the next couple days. A couple events got canceled this week which I am taking as a message from the universe that I should stay home and do laundry and consume large amounts of hot and sour soup. Never fear, all music I mention is still awesome and this gentlewoman hits the road again next week. MO, you are on notice. 
You want to know how great The Mighty Regis is? They blew me away during their ShamrockFest set and at any given time during that set, I could only see 1/3 of the band. I was on the far, far right side of the crowd leaning and lurching and inching to see them through a small window of opportunity between the wall of festival goers, security folks and stage equipment. And against normal festival protocol where bands are held to a strict set/stage time, and because of the demands of the crowd, The Mighty Regis played an encore. But before the encore was their brawling, energetic, drunken Irish-sing-a-long of a set. And all the energy of the music spilled out over the crowd, until not a single person could bear to stand still but had to move to the music, jumping, clapping, stomping.

The mixing and mingling of traditional music and let’s call it, modern music, is not a new thing. Music is ever evolving. But keeping the old while embracing the new seems even more prevalent in cultures where music is more than entertainment, where it is the glue of civilization and survival. Take my Irish kin. We sing the history of our people. Sure, there are books and words and maybe a mark of punctuation or two, but to know the Irish, you must know their music. You can’t have one without the other.  So it makes sense that when the younger generation is ready to add their own verse to this collective ballad, they sing in their own voice, which might be a little different, maybe a little louder, maybe a little faster, than that of their forefathers. But it’s still the same story: love, work, heartache, family, and friends and since we are talking about the Irish, whiskey.

And all this gets us back to the Mighty Regis, hailing from California, adding their own stories of what it’s like to be American with Irish blood raging, holding onto the traditions of the past without sacrificing who you are in the present.  

So raise your glass and have a listen:

The above song, "Walking Around Lucky", just so happens to be a free download on their bandcamp page. They are on tour through the end of the month, be sure to catch them if you happen to be in their path of destruction.

*Image from The Mighty Regis website

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