Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today Should Be Called Sun Day.

Today is a beau-ti-ful day around these parts; temperatures *this close* to 60 degrees with bright beams of sunshine.  We might get snow tomorrow, that Mother Nature can be kinda sassy. 

I hope whatever you do today involves:

Scandalously exposed ankles:

And your car windows rolled down with  "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes blaring to the point of warranting stares from the cars next to you at stoplights. Yes, gentleman in the blue Toyota, I am singing rather loudly. You're welcome. 
 I am so happy this band exists. More info, music and tour dates can be found on their website
I know that this question will probably fall into a black hole, but . . .does anyone out there use 8tracks or Spotify? If so, pros/cons? I am looking into ways to (legally) share playlists. 

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  1. You inspired me to break out the grill today. And it was delicious. Veggie kabobs and cilantro-lime chicken.