Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sounds: Cheap {Music} Thrills

I have lately been floored at the ticket costs for concerts. Now, there are a couple of bands that I have flown across the country to see, and will probably again, but those are very, very few. Most of the time I cross my fingers and hope that musicians and bands will just come to me with a decent price of admission. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about supporting music and the music makers, but one of the saddest moments in the whole wide world, is the moment when you realize that you just can’t afford to see a band.  I don’t pretend to know anything about ticketing costs or the cost of large tours, and I genuinely want the music makers to be able to sustain themselves with their talents, but sometimes you really do have to pay that utility bill or eat.

But live music is such a life line for me that I try to always have at least a small budget for it. So while I may not be able to go to NYC for the Secret Policeman Ball (my heart is audibly breaking), there are some dazzling tours that are stopping in the DC area that won’t reduce me to a diet of cheap frozen burritos to see:

Adam Arcuragi: February 7  (next week!) at  IOTA in Arlington, VA:  $12  Remember him? I just talked about him yesterday. Full tour info here.

Fanfarlo: March 7 at U Street Music Hall, DC:  $15.  Since a holiday on a tiny island, Fanfarlo has been the soundtrack of my dreams more than once. . Full tour info here.

The Communion Austin to Boston Tour: March 28 at Jammin Java, Vienna, VA:  $12.    I have mentioned Communion, the London based music community before. See, they are even in my word cloud over there on the right.  I try to support them whenever their tours make it to the Capitol City area, in hopes that they will keep sending bands this way. If you have ever pretended that you sought shelter out of the rainy London streets in a little club and discovered music that warmed and filled your soul, this show is for you.  This latest tour includes Ben Howard, The Staves, Nathaniel Ratliff, and Bear’s Den. Now, pay attention because I am about to use bolding and underlining:  this is a fantastic lineup. I might even have to call it the bees’ knees.  And when/where else are you going to see a bunch of Brits and a Missouri boy pile out of vintage VW campers?  More information on the full tour and the bands can be found here, and below is a little taste of Bear's Den:

Damien Jurdo: May 21 at the Black Cat, DC:  $12. Seriously. Go see this man. Your soul with swoon.  The end. Full tour info here.

In other music news: Today  The Local Strangers release their new EP, Devils & Ghosts, for free on their bandcamp site. Download it. Share it. Your ears will thank you. 

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