Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Song of the Week: Social Distortion

I try to post my Song of the Week on Tuesdays since that is usually when new music is released. However, this week I'm going old school.

On Saturday night I left an event a little hurt. I didn't get punch in the face or anything, but words were said that made me feel a little wounded. As I was driving home in the rain, of course it was raining, Social Distortion, a band from youthful I can conquer the world days  came on the radio. This is a little odd, since Social Distortion is almost never played on popular radio anymore.  Pure coincidence, but every now than you have to believe that maybe the universe is sending you a little sign through the radio. Just don't go wearing tin foil hats or anything.

While I was looking for a video for "Cool Feelings," I noticed that Mike Ness has been doing an acoustic version for awhile.  Huh. An accordion. I don't think I would of ever put one of those in that song, but it kinda works?

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