Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Song of the Week: Pickwick

Pickwick, from Seattle, is perfect listening:
When you are stuck in Metro’s weekly debacle
When you are running, literally feet off the ground running, down Pennsylvania Avenue, late for a meeting
When you have bitten off all your nails the day after getting a manicure
When you are convinced it is should at least be Thursday, when in reality it is only Tuesday
When you spend your entire lunch break googling cheap airplane tickets for . . . anywhere with a beach
When you wander into a “French café” and they are all out of croissants (C’mon, really?)
When you just want to bust out some dance moves waiting for the red line.

In other words, Pickwick is calming for the nervous soul.  There’s some magic in the music that makes you just close your eyes and lean back and smile.  And you have just got to hear Galen Disston’s  voice. It’s like butter. Or Nutella. Smooooth. And check out all that happy tambourine action. I can only imagine the energy at their live shows. Their current tour isn’t quite going to make it this far east, which has resulted in a deep jealousy  of the residents of Jackson, Wyoming (Pickwick AND Sallie Ford. What.).   It looks like one of us (me or the band) needs to go on a great American road-trip that cross rivers and valleys and mountains. New t-shirt design idea: have tambourine, will travel.

More info/music can be found on their bandcamp and Facebook pages.

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