Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sights and Sounds

Now that we got Valentine’s Day  themed music out of the way, let’s talk about new music! Or new music videos, like when MTV was cool, and played videos instead of reality shows.

Jack White. Jack White. Jack White. I am hoping that if I say his name enough times he will appear. And guess what? It worked! Well, at least in video form. This week Mr. White released the video  for his new song, Love Interruption, featuring back-up vocalist Ruby Amanfu, clarinet/bass clarinet player Emily Bowland and Brooke Waggoner on wurlitzer electric piano. The video isn't flashy, it's the kind of simplicity that kinda gives you chills. Or at least it did me. Or  maybe the chills are because my room is drafty and I should probably being wearing a sweater, but the song, the song is still pretty golden. 

He also released a handful of tour dates: Alabama, Oklahoma, and  Tennessee where Third Man Records is based out of. Tennessee, music wise, is the place to be right now. Or maybe it has always been that place.  At least 3 of my favorite top tier bands are playing there in March. You know what would be nice? If one or two of these bands decides to come to Missouri the first week in April when I will be there visiting friends and family. It is one state over.  Just. One. State. We're a nice state too, we have a lot of heart. They don't call us the heartland for nothin'.  
Laura Marling also released a new video this week for her song, All My Rage:
I saw Laura at the Sixth & I  Synagogue last year, and the amazing show reaffirmed my love of seeing live music  in a sanctuary. Laura Marling is set to play at the Bonnaroo music festival this year which takes place in, you guessed it,  Tennessee.  
This week, or maybe last week, or maybe in the future, time is so relative,  The Head and The Heart released a video for their song Down in the Valley.  The  line, “Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways,” goes through my head  and comes spilling out of my lips a lot.  Maybe it is a good thing I am going to their concert alone. I just might be that one girl that you point at, with all my singing and waving my hands in the air I just don’t care skills.   

 Speaking of relativity:
 “It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception.” Albert Einstein when asked about this theory of relativity.

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