Monday, February 13, 2012

Recommendations By the Number

I highly recommend in cases of misunderstandings, to sit on the couch with all involved and let the truth and the tears come spilling out. One word; forgiveness.

I highly recommend having a housemate that used to live in France. Two words; homemade quiche.

I highly recommend listening to “Sister” by Mumford & Sons on repeat. Three words; Love your ground.
p.s. this song isn’t on their album, Sigh No More, which makes people want to call it a rare track. However, you can download it for free (and legally) on the band’s website. I’ve always said that they are one of the most polite bands.

I highly recommend eating lunch outdoors in the shadow of art, even on slightly chilly days. Four words; hummus wrap and Rodin.

I highly recommend buying a couple boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, any flavor, your choice. Five words; teaching girls to start fires.

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  1. Girl Scout cookie season is a beautiful thing.