Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Google Reader + Hoots and Hellmouth

The below song has popped up in my  Google reader more than once this week. However, it took me sometime to actually hit play. At times I find my reader so overwhelming. Does this happen to anyone else?   To quote JSF,  it feels like “the weight of all the lives I am not living.” Photography, cooking, music, beautifully worded personal essays, adorable children, postcard perfect travels. Sometimes I feel that there is a fine line between being inspired by someone else’s life and being jealous of their lives. I had to stop reading some blogs because they were starting to make me feel bad that I actually have to go to work and can’t stay home and take perfectly posed pictures of my breakfast oatmeal, then go out and run 10 miles and then come home and redecorate my house with homemade art.  And sure, there are things in my life I am working on, and I have bad days and lonely days, but all and all I have pretty good life.  I look both ways before crossing the street, I stuff dates with brie and then eat them, I send hilarious texts about bedazzled Darth Vaders,  I have a growing tambourine collection, I try to position myself so I am always within a couple hours of a beach (sorry MO), I have good friends that let me tag along on trips to Ireland or the local Empanada shack and I have enough self- confidence to have solo adventures every now and then. 

My favorite blogs are those that remind me about all the good things in life without the perfectionist pressure. The ones that may share a common thread to my own tapestry of life. The ones that make me feel that I may not be so crazy. The ones that remind me that life is meant to be a shared experience. And the ones that point me in the direction of new music that will keep my little heart in rhythm. 

And now, drum roll please "I Don’t Mind Your Cussin" by Hoots and Hellmouth (discovered via Song for the Day). I fell in love with this song exactly at the 4 second mark.  Take a look and see if you can figure out why:

 Did you see it? The banjo player is barefoot.  There are loads of other great things about the song: Sean Hoot’s melodic and ever so slightly raspy voice, the delicate brushing of the drum, the underling soulfulness of the song.   But the barefoot banjo  player got me. I have to respect and envy anyone that has a job they can do barefoot, including the little Chinese grandmother that taught me how to make egg rolls.  Not to be too distracted I listened to it again, with my eyes closed, and fell in love with it all over again and then took a trip to their bandcamp site to order as much music as they would possibly give me. Their new album Salt comes out on April 10.

Hoots and Hellmouth will be playing in Arlington (Clarendon) VA on March 30.  You will probably have to wear shoes. There are so many good shows coming up in March, it’s going to be a good month. 

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  1. What I wouldn't give to take a peek at your reader.