Monday, February 13, 2012

Favorite Things: Words

This weekend I was staring at a blank wall in my house and thought, "Man I need some art."  When I think of art I think of paintings and classy photographs in nice frames. I sometimes forget that art can really be anything. When I look around to see what I do clutter my walls with I find words.  Words, words, words, as Hamlet would dramatically say. There seems to be a feeling of concrete truth when you see something written down. 

 As I take on some needed changes in my life,"This is your becoming," has become my new mantra. With confidence and vigor, I posted it on the cork board above my desk to stare me down when I start to waiver.  I found this statement of power on one of my favorite stranger blogs, "the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell". Stranger, as in I stumbled upon the blog through the maze of links on another blog, and have never met Meg, the author. But, God, if I could write like her. 

Also, I do {heart} the OED. That's what the kids on the street call the Oxford English Dictionary. When I was at university out West I used to go to the library during long breaks in between classes and look up the origins of random words. Yep, I was that weird kid.

 A lovely and truthful note from a friend. Somedays I yearn for the days when correspondence was uneven lines from a typewriter.

I laugh at love for you are a crazy dream 
Waxing poetic around a favorite photo.

 I am excited about several concerts coming up, but if you promise not to tell the other bands, I am little obnoxiously excited about seeing the The Head and The Heart.  Excited enough to willingly drive to Baltimore. Baltimore, people, Baltimore.

My bookcase is easily the biggest piece of furniture I own. It covers an entire wall, four rows by rows square.  I push and pull and stack and pile books from it so often that there is no rhyme or reason to how the books end up on the shelf. But every so often the titles will line up in a way that I see my whole personality lined up on that shelf too. 

 I love how there is a crack in this believe magnet. Maybe it fell. Maybe it was asked to hold something too heavy. It cracked. But it got put back together again.

post script:  my new camera finally has a name; Clive. Perfect, I know!

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