Friday, February 3, 2012

California Dreaming

I am now the proud owner of airplane tickets to Los Angeles for a summer holiday.  I guess that I should be more focused on details like hotel room reservations, finding a rental car, and a gift for the wedding that is actually the purpose of the trip. But there are still months to worry about all that stuff . . .and  for my credit card to cool off.  But do you want to know what the number one thing I am already obsessing about?  Finding a good taco.

My sister, who has returned to the city of our wonder years, recommended without hesitation, “the taco shack behind the car wash in Koreatown*.”  Oh LA, I have missed you and your street food. 

*she did look up the name of the place, La Cañada Taqueria, but was fairly sure that I could find it just by asking people for the taco shack behind the car wash. It sounds almost secretly scandalous. Scandalous delicious I hope. DC may have a lot of great international food choices, but I haven't found a decent taco that has lived up to my Southern California snobbery.  And to be honest, growing up in LA (ok, ok, the valley) there really isn't too much to be a snob about. 


  1. Ah, my brother served his mission (spanish speaking) around S. LA. He misses the food too.

  2. holy moley! those tacos look amazing.
    good Mexican food east of the Mississippi is hard to come by.