Monday, January 30, 2012

A Thank You Note

Wow. Last week the internet discovered my blog. Thanks to the kindness of a couple bands linking to this little gentlewoman of the road, I got a lot of traffic and even more importantly, a lot of really nice comments and feedback. Thank you have become the two most meaningful words to me. All this got me thinking on why I decided to start this blog. In an email that I sent out to friends back in June telling them about my new blog, I wrote:
When I was home (in Missouri) I realized that I have let my life get away from me. I have given up things that make me really happy to live the life that I felt like I was supposed to have because I am adult. Playtime was over.  I got a job with business cards. I wear sensible heels. I eat lunch in a cafeteria with no windows surrounded by people all wearing the same suit. Really?  Is this what life is all about?

I don’t hate my job. Let me make that clear.  I see the value of my job, the experiences I have had with it, and the importance of being able to support myself. In such a down trodden economy I am grateful every day for a job and a steady paycheck. But I realized back home, how much I love and live and grow in a creative environment around creative people. And I will admit that some days I feel that I am killing my soul with spreadsheets and memos. I really can’t quit my job right now for many reasons, including strangely enough, a sense of loyalty, but I need, not just want, a creative outlet.

While I was having lunch with a friend, I blurted out, over chips and salsa that I wanted to write; about traveling, music, my witty observations, my stories, I wanted to write about my world.  Lines from a favorite song kept repeating in my head: “Decide what to be, and then go be it.” So here I am. And here is this blog.

To know me, you have to know my stories and keeping them all inside is not helping anything or anyone, especially me and my sanity. And sharing our stories is almost, if not as important as creating them, even if it is just for that one moment when we don’t feel alone in the universe.
And that is still why I keep writing, even on the days when I feel all I can do is type out a favorite quote or upload a picture.  So thank you for reading. Thank you to bands that write the music that inspires me. Thank you to friends that inspire the best travel stories. Thank you to DC for being one of the most interesting cities I have ever lived in.  And thank you to Tom for making the best French toast that I will keep writing about every time I eat it.

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