Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tea Time

You guys can sleep at night again. I finally, finally found a tea set. I have been going on and on about getting a tea set for over a year now. You would think after a year and 3 trips to Europe I would of found  a suitable one a long time ago.  For something that seems so insignificant in the scheme of my life, I was extremely picky. 
I looked at an obnoxious amount of kettles. I didn't want some modern streamlined craft. I wanted an old fashioned one. A teapot, that if I was in an enchanted castle, would sing songs about tales as old as time. I wanted cute little cups with matching saucers and adorable little spoons. And sometimes wishes do come true. And sometimes those wishes are on special during after Christmas sales. 

So what is the big deal about a tea set? I love the idea of a drink that makes you slow down. You have to wait for the water to boil. You have wait for tea to steep into the water. You have to wait for tea to cool enough. Tea is not a drink to gulp down as you rush hither and thither. It is a beverage to enjoy while reading a good book by a sunny window or while catching up with friends on brisk winter morning. And drinking tea reminds me of holiday trips overseas where life is a little slower, a little lighter.

I found this tea set just in time too. The very first day of 2012 I got terribly sick and haven't been able eat anything except tea and soup.  And when you are sick and everything, including yourself, feels and looks gross, a classy cup of tea really does make a difference.

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