Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sounds: Local Strangers

Sometimes I just can't wait until Tuesdays to talk about bands that are currently filling the space in between my ears.

Local Strangers is the current Seattle based musical collaboration between Aubrey Zoli and Matt Heart. Their lovely harmonies and soulful voices, are only matched by their clean and beautiful folk rhythms. Spoiler alert: banjos are involved. Their song, "Hunted By Ghosts" has become my theme song as of late. I must listen to it at least every other day on my commute into work, OK this week, it was every day. It usually appears on my playlist just as I am changing trains in the morning. There is something so, well, haunting about listening to it while making my way through crowed metro stations. We can be surrounded by a mass humanity, yet all we seem to notice are the ghosts of our past, or the ghosts of all the lives that we aren't living.

Take a listen, then click on over to their bandcamp page to download it and a couple other of their delightful songs for free, people are so nice these days. And if you like it, return the favor and pass it on to a friend. Together we can rid the world of bad music, and bring about world peace. I am pretty sure that banjos will also be involved in the world peace process. Oh, in my head, I am starting to form a-- trading guns for banjos-- t-shirt design.  This could be awesome.

A new EP from Local Strangers is anticipated for later on this month.

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