Monday, January 30, 2012

Sounds: Jack White

Jack White of White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather/Third Man Records/Colbert Report fame is releasing a solo album. This is a beautiful thing. I am resisting the urge to use too many shiny bombastic adjectives to describe the music of Mr. White. Can I just call him the personification of rock n’roll?  How about a modern day troubadour whose talent  trumps whatever this A.merican Idol society calls music?  Too much? Deep down, you know it's kinda true.  

The new album, Blunderbuss doesn't comes out until April, however a single, "Love Interruption" has been making the rounds around the internet today, and is being released for purchase tonight, 9pm PST/ 12 midnight, EST. 

(If the music player isn't showing up below, your browser hates Jack White, If you still want to hear the song-which you do-just click on the Blunderbuss link above.)

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