Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now I'm Just Showing Off

Truth can be heard when Noah and the Whale sings, "It takes real guts to be alone". There are lots of thing that I knew would be the consequences of a solo life. But what I didn't expect was the amount of math that I am required to do. Math is one of those things I that I don't hate doing, I just hate that it doesn't come as easy to me as other things. Numbers and math seem to pop up in my life mostly when I am budgeting and cooking. The budgeting side is pretty obvious, I need to keep track of money in and money out since these bills keep showing up uninvited all the time. Math may not be as obvious when it come to cooking, but it is as necessary. Most recipes are made for at least 4 people, and sure I like leftovers, except when I don't. Enchiladas three days in a row are fine, a whole key lime pie in the fridge isn't. 

Desserts seem to the hardest to whittle down to single servings in your own kitchen. I wish I had a neighborhood bakery that I could stop in and get one cupcake or one cannoli. But I don't.  And everyone knows that homemade always taste better than some apocalypse proof plastic wrapped grocery shelf baked good. But recipes for sweet things usually yield outcomes by the dozen. And when I make a full recipe figuring that I can find enough people to share with, it tends to be the exact same time that everyone is on some no sugar cleanse.  This weekend I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, or maybe a couple, but I didn't want or need a dozen or two. So I took my favorite (egg free) chocolate chip recipe and started to do math, old school style with paper and a pencil. I broke down the amount of each ingredient until I figured that the resulting dough would yield about about 5 or 6 cookies total. And it worked. 6 warm, soft, homemade cookies.  I guess my math teacher of a friend Melinda is right, math can be pretty sweet.
Speaking of Noah and The Whale:
(I can't watch this video without swooning. Charlie Fink in a properly fitting three piece suit. What. My heart stopped. That's what.)

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  1. YES! If I were teaching right now I would take your example to all my students. A REAL example of math in life - ah, I love it. I like to be "old school" and use paper and pencil too.

    I must also admit that I am so proud to be mentioned in your blog. :)