Friday, January 13, 2012

Notes From the {Metro} Underground

Isn’t it silly all the games that we make up just to get through the day? I frequently find myself playing subway bingo. On the trains I look for people who are:
Wearing red shoes
Carrying a Trader Joe's bag
Wearing a fanny pack (from May to September this is very easy)
Wearing a cowboy hat (this is very hard)
Reading a book I have read (I am so nosey when I see others reading)
Wearing a military uniform
Reading The Economist (Dear Sir . . .)
Wearing a id badge from my own place of employment*
Sporting a tattoo
Wearing argyle socks
And a fella in a purple shirt
(seeing a park ranger in full uniform + hat is an automatic win)

I have yet to find five on the same train, if this ever happens I will jump up,  and yell BINGO.  I love that this silly little game makes me more aware of the people around me. Sometimes I get so focused on just getting through my day, and if eating peanut butter right out the jar counts for dinner, and how to fit in a trip to Peru in the Spring, that I just don’t notice the lives going on around me. Honestly, some days a person can sit by me for the whole 30-45 minute commute and when I de-train, I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like. Sure, 75% of the time I fall asleep on my evening train, but that may be beside the point.  Every person we meet is a little universe full of stories, fears and dreams, just think if we only knew one or two of them.  Wow, that lady has great red shoes, I wonder why she is going in them. I wonder if that soldier has seen war? What's the story behind that tattoo? Where is the funny pack tourist from, have they tried the French Toast at Eastern Market, did they climb the steps up to Lincoln?

Wouldn’t it be great if I saw one person sporting all my bingo points at once? I bet that would be a one fantastic story.
*It is a social faux pas to wear your work id outside of the office. If you see one, it is probably being displayed by an intern and it perfectly acceptable to mock them.

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