Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Listening to Ryan Adams>Listening to the SOTU

Observations Made at the Ryan Adams Concert:
1.       Strathmore has the best house announcements:  (said in a thick Scottish accent) Please silence your mobile phones. If you choose to ignore this request one of our ushers will destroy you in a sacrificial ritual.
2.       Ryan Adams is hilarious. References to Dr. Who, Stars Wars and Agatha Christie were made.
3.        I wasn’t kidding about listening to "Oh My Sweet Carolina." It was the first song he sang.  It was a solo acoustic show. Just Ryan, his striped guitars, a harmonica and a piano. Simplicity is bliss.
4.       Oh that voice. Guys with disheveled hair and guitars singing tragic songs about walking in the rain gets me every time. Every time.
5.       I cannot write very well in the dark. After spending some time deciphering my scribbles I have recreated the setlist, I think:

Oh My Sweet Carolina
Ashes & Fire
If I Am A Stranger
Dirty Rain
My Winding Wheel
My Blue Manhattan
Everybody Knows
Rescue Blues
Invisible Riverside
“I Have a Plan” (Improv)
Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
Chains of Love
Houses on the Hill
Lucky Now
Crossed Out Name
New York, New York
Don’t Let Me Go
16 Days
Damn, Sam
“Thank you for coming to the show” (improv)
Some random scribbles so maybe another song?
Come Pick Me Up
Encore with Jason Isbell**
A song I couldn't place--maybe an Isbell song?
Jacksonville Skyline (Whiskeytown song)
Love in the First Degree (Alabama)

*He started to play Let It Ride, but may or may not have forgotten how to play it, so he moved on.
**Jason Isbell is an amazing singer/songwriter, formerly of Drive-By Truckers, that opened the show and who you should be listening to:

Such a great show . . . followed by one of the worst metro trips ever. It took me over two hours to get home, including a mad dash through Metro Center to catch the last train home.  That’s right, the trip home took about the same time as the concert. My phone was running on low battery, which I was saving in case I had to place a “I am stranded downtown at 2 AM, please come get me,” call, so all I had to entertain me was a fellow train passenger singing a selection of Golden Oldies at the top of his lungs.  DC Metro fail.

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