Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Get Something Clear

I have had this conversation exactly 3 times today:

Co-worker: So, have any big plans for the week?
Me: I’m going to see Ryan Adams tomorrow night at Strathmore (said with a sense of glee in my voice).
Co-worker: He’s from Canada right?
Me: No, that’s Bryan Adams. I’m going to see Ryan Adams (said with a sigh).
Co-worker: Right, he’s the one that sang that one song in that Robin Hood movie?
Me: No, that’s BRYAN Adams. I’m going to see RYAN Adams (said with my fists starting to clinch).
Co-worker: I didn’t peg you as the easy listening music type.
Me:  (no words come out of my mouth because my face is scrunched into a very sad face).
Co-worker: Well, have fun.
Me: Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams (muttered under my breath as I walk away).

And this is why I don’t small talk with my co-workers very often.

And just to add a little more confusion, Bryan Adams is playing at Strathmore on Monday (today), and Ryan Adams is playing at very same place, on Tuesday (tomorrow). True story. I have double checked my ticket twice.

So just to be clear, for my very first concert of 2012, I am going to see Ryan Adams:
Not Bryan Adams:

I will be listening to this:

Not whatever Bryan Adams sings.

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