Saturday, January 21, 2012

Even Smaht Kids Have Bad Days

Don't know why I suddenly slipped into a Boston accent there. Smaht. Maybe that spontaneous trip to Dunkin Donuts wasn't the best of ideas. Or maybe it was the best idea ever.

There is a white board on our refrigerator that we use to keep track of due dates for utility bills, common items shopping lists, and breaking news items. Recently we have also added a word of the week. I have no idea why we start doing this. We all have pretty broad, if not colorful, vocabularies, but there are so many words out there, we might as well learn them all. 

I had to laugh when this week's word appeared, complete with usage sentence:

And no, I didn't write the sentence, or pick the word. I guess we all are feeling the January rut: January, the month that feels like a 31 day long Monday. 

Hopefully you had a better week, and didn't day dream about throwing staplers at office mates. 

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