Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Song of the Week: Adam Arcuragi

Adam Arcuragi’s new album, “Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It . . .” comes out today! Shout hooray! (Go ahead, I'll wait)

The first time I heard the music of Mr. Arcuragi was when he visited NPR’s Tiny Desk back in 2010. Oh, how I love that series. I hadn’t heard of this particular music maker before, but I have come to trust Bob Boilen and friends. I hit play and shock and awe occurred. The good kind, not the duck and cover, the army is invading, kind. There is something great layered in the music and his voice; a sense of earnest importance that makes you listen to it, I mean really listen to it.  And then keep listening to it, sensing that there is a piece of truth in it that you have been searching for.

The album is available through all the usual places, including Adam’s website. While you’re there on the website, take a look at the variety of instruments used on making this lovely collection of psalmodies. How could an album with accredited stomp and clappers not be fantastic?

One of my new loves from the new album,  Oh I See, can be heard below:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sounds: Jack White

Jack White of White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather/Third Man Records/Colbert Report fame is releasing a solo album. This is a beautiful thing. I am resisting the urge to use too many shiny bombastic adjectives to describe the music of Mr. White. Can I just call him the personification of rock n’roll?  How about a modern day troubadour whose talent  trumps whatever this A.merican Idol society calls music?  Too much? Deep down, you know it's kinda true.  

The new album, Blunderbuss doesn't comes out until April, however a single, "Love Interruption" has been making the rounds around the internet today, and is being released for purchase tonight, 9pm PST/ 12 midnight, EST. 

(If the music player isn't showing up below, your browser hates Jack White, If you still want to hear the song-which you do-just click on the Blunderbuss link above.)

A Thank You Note

Wow. Last week the internet discovered my blog. Thanks to the kindness of a couple bands linking to this little gentlewoman of the road, I got a lot of traffic and even more importantly, a lot of really nice comments and feedback. Thank you have become the two most meaningful words to me. All this got me thinking on why I decided to start this blog. In an email that I sent out to friends back in June telling them about my new blog, I wrote:
When I was home (in Missouri) I realized that I have let my life get away from me. I have given up things that make me really happy to live the life that I felt like I was supposed to have because I am adult. Playtime was over.  I got a job with business cards. I wear sensible heels. I eat lunch in a cafeteria with no windows surrounded by people all wearing the same suit. Really?  Is this what life is all about?

I don’t hate my job. Let me make that clear.  I see the value of my job, the experiences I have had with it, and the importance of being able to support myself. In such a down trodden economy I am grateful every day for a job and a steady paycheck. But I realized back home, how much I love and live and grow in a creative environment around creative people. And I will admit that some days I feel that I am killing my soul with spreadsheets and memos. I really can’t quit my job right now for many reasons, including strangely enough, a sense of loyalty, but I need, not just want, a creative outlet.

While I was having lunch with a friend, I blurted out, over chips and salsa that I wanted to write; about traveling, music, my witty observations, my stories, I wanted to write about my world.  Lines from a favorite song kept repeating in my head: “Decide what to be, and then go be it.” So here I am. And here is this blog.

To know me, you have to know my stories and keeping them all inside is not helping anything or anyone, especially me and my sanity. And sharing our stories is almost, if not as important as creating them, even if it is just for that one moment when we don’t feel alone in the universe.
And that is still why I keep writing, even on the days when I feel all I can do is type out a favorite quote or upload a picture.  So thank you for reading. Thank you to bands that write the music that inspires me. Thank you to friends that inspire the best travel stories. Thank you to DC for being one of the most interesting cities I have ever lived in.  And thank you to Tom for making the best French toast that I will keep writing about every time I eat it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Currently Reading: Billy Collins

From Marginalia by Billy Collins:

(the poem is about the marginalia found in books)
"Yet the one I think of most often, 
the one that dangles from me like a locket, 
was written in the copy of Catcher in the Rye 
I borrowed from the local library 
one slow, hot summer. 
I was just beginning high school then, 
reading books on a davenport in my parents' living room, 
and I cannot tell you 
how vastly my loneliness was deepened, 
how poignant and amplified the world before me seemed, 
when I found on one page 

A few greasy looking smears 
and next to them, written in soft pencil- 
by a beautiful girl, I could tell, 
whom I would never meet- 
Pardon the egg salad stains, but I'm in love."


Billy Collins is coming to DC, Maryland to be exact, Bethesda to be even more exact, in April.  

Thanks Ms. M for introducing me to the poet that more and more  I find myself reading while  laying upside down on my bed in the early hours of the morning when I cannot sleep and cannot stand to stare at the dark walls for one more minute. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

3 Things

Sometimes when I see my shadow, especially when I am wearing boots, I have to remind myself that I’m not, in fact, Peter Pan.

 I love that when you catch the eye of a stranger, across the train platform, or in a crowded cafĂ©, there is a moment of recognition, a moment of understanding that we are all in this life together.

I am waiting for a week that I don't collapse into a heap on Friday night. Maybe that week is as mythical as unicorns and boys that look good in bow ties. But at least when the sound of my heart beating is last thing that I hear and feel as I crash into sleep, I know that I lived, really lived, that day. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Listening to Ryan Adams>Listening to the SOTU

Observations Made at the Ryan Adams Concert:
1.       Strathmore has the best house announcements:  (said in a thick Scottish accent) Please silence your mobile phones. If you choose to ignore this request one of our ushers will destroy you in a sacrificial ritual.
2.       Ryan Adams is hilarious. References to Dr. Who, Stars Wars and Agatha Christie were made.
3.        I wasn’t kidding about listening to "Oh My Sweet Carolina." It was the first song he sang.  It was a solo acoustic show. Just Ryan, his striped guitars, a harmonica and a piano. Simplicity is bliss.
4.       Oh that voice. Guys with disheveled hair and guitars singing tragic songs about walking in the rain gets me every time. Every time.
5.       I cannot write very well in the dark. After spending some time deciphering my scribbles I have recreated the setlist, I think:

Oh My Sweet Carolina
Ashes & Fire
If I Am A Stranger
Dirty Rain
My Winding Wheel
My Blue Manhattan
Everybody Knows
Rescue Blues
Invisible Riverside
“I Have a Plan” (Improv)
Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
Chains of Love
Houses on the Hill
Lucky Now
Crossed Out Name
New York, New York
Don’t Let Me Go
16 Days
Damn, Sam
“Thank you for coming to the show” (improv)
Some random scribbles so maybe another song?
Come Pick Me Up
Encore with Jason Isbell**
A song I couldn't place--maybe an Isbell song?
Jacksonville Skyline (Whiskeytown song)
Love in the First Degree (Alabama)

*He started to play Let It Ride, but may or may not have forgotten how to play it, so he moved on.
**Jason Isbell is an amazing singer/songwriter, formerly of Drive-By Truckers, that opened the show and who you should be listening to:

Such a great show . . . followed by one of the worst metro trips ever. It took me over two hours to get home, including a mad dash through Metro Center to catch the last train home.  That’s right, the trip home took about the same time as the concert. My phone was running on low battery, which I was saving in case I had to place a “I am stranded downtown at 2 AM, please come get me,” call, so all I had to entertain me was a fellow train passenger singing a selection of Golden Oldies at the top of his lungs.  DC Metro fail.

Song of the Week: Chimes of Freedom

On Tuesday, the massive album: Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan. Honoring 50 years of Amnesty International was released. And I am not kidding when I say massive; we are talking over 80 artists collaborating on 76 songs.  I know, I know everyone already covers Bob Dylan, he has after all published over 300 songs. And more time than I should probably admit to, I turn into a crotchety old lady and shake my fist at the kids of today and tell them that they should be listening to the original Dylan instead of some cover. But then I am reminded that with art, what the viewer gets out it is as important as what the creator puts into. So cover songs are (hopefully) outward acknowledgement of a meaningful song.  I still, however, shake my fist at the kids of today.

The scope of performers on this new album is mind blowing, it truly spans generations and genres:

This album just goes to show how well Bob Dylan was/is/will always be able to tap into the story lines that we as humans all face.  I have had a marathon listening party to it over the last couple days and though the idea of Miley Cyrus singing Dylan stills throws my body into violent convulsions, I’m digging the album. It's hard to pick out just a few to talk about, but here are some of my favorites (so far):

Johnny Cash featuring the Avett Brothers singing "Too Many Mornings". The brothers Avett performed the song on Jimmy Fallon last week and if you can get past the enormous cowboy hat, it is lovely version. I just wish Mr. Cash were still here to join in.

Pete Seeger and the Riverton Kids singing "Forever Young." Peter Seeger is 92, his legendary voice backed up with a chorus of children = magic.
(I couldn't find any video/audio of this to share, but it is as awesome as it sounds.)

And of course, of course, Mr. Dylan, himself singing the title track, "Chimes of Freedom". My heart almost explodes whenever I hear this song. I love it so much.  
(Again, couldn't find any good video of Dylan singing it himself. A million other people, sure.)

Proceeds from the album go to Amnesty International, and their mission to aid political prisoners around the world and “protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.”  You can listen to selected songs on their website, and you can album the whole album or individual songs there, or on the usual suspects (iTunes, Amazon). Heartfelt music and helping a worthwhile cause, what more could you ask for?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Get Something Clear

I have had this conversation exactly 3 times today:

Co-worker: So, have any big plans for the week?
Me: I’m going to see Ryan Adams tomorrow night at Strathmore (said with a sense of glee in my voice).
Co-worker: He’s from Canada right?
Me: No, that’s Bryan Adams. I’m going to see Ryan Adams (said with a sigh).
Co-worker: Right, he’s the one that sang that one song in that Robin Hood movie?
Me: No, that’s BRYAN Adams. I’m going to see RYAN Adams (said with my fists starting to clinch).
Co-worker: I didn’t peg you as the easy listening music type.
Me:  (no words come out of my mouth because my face is scrunched into a very sad face).
Co-worker: Well, have fun.
Me: Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams (muttered under my breath as I walk away).

And this is why I don’t small talk with my co-workers very often.

And just to add a little more confusion, Bryan Adams is playing at Strathmore on Monday (today), and Ryan Adams is playing at very same place, on Tuesday (tomorrow). True story. I have double checked my ticket twice.

So just to be clear, for my very first concert of 2012, I am going to see Ryan Adams:
Not Bryan Adams:

I will be listening to this:

Not whatever Bryan Adams sings.

Happy Chinese New Year!

If you have already broken your New Year's Resolutions, you're in luck--today is Chinese New Year so you can start clean and new!*
From my fortune cookie tonight
It's the year of the dragon. Hopefully, these are good luck dragons and not terrorize and scorch the earth dragons.

*You can start new and clean any day, any hour or really any second of any day, it just helps when there is a parade.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a Normal Weekend in DC

Eating breakfast at Eastern Market

I know that you are thinking, "Do you have to post every time you eat at Eastern Market?" All I can say is that if you have been there you understand. If you haven't, posthaste, posthaste. You know how people get all crazy obsessed with places like Cafe Rio and to you its just a burrito, but to them you know there's got to something more about it.? Yeah, so I guess the Market Lunch at Eastern Market is my Cafe Rio.  I don't know if it is the French toast with real butter and real maple syrup, or Tom the owner in his black rimmed glasses, or the long communal table that everyone sits at with their red trays. It just feels like what breakfast should be. (p.s. their crab cakes are the best I've had this side of Annapolis)

Hanging out in the "This Week" studio

As our group was entering the building the security officer referred to us as the Spice Girls. At first I was a little offended, if anything we are five lovely ladies that love spicy food. But  with a smile, I just told him that autographs will be signed later on in the afternoon, and then he did a little shuffle dance for us, and no offense was taken. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sounds: Local Strangers

Sometimes I just can't wait until Tuesdays to talk about bands that are currently filling the space in between my ears.

Local Strangers is the current Seattle based musical collaboration between Aubrey Zoli and Matt Heart. Their lovely harmonies and soulful voices, are only matched by their clean and beautiful folk rhythms. Spoiler alert: banjos are involved. Their song, "Hunted By Ghosts" has become my theme song as of late. I must listen to it at least every other day on my commute into work, OK this week, it was every day. It usually appears on my playlist just as I am changing trains in the morning. There is something so, well, haunting about listening to it while making my way through crowed metro stations. We can be surrounded by a mass humanity, yet all we seem to notice are the ghosts of our past, or the ghosts of all the lives that we aren't living.

Take a listen, then click on over to their bandcamp page to download it and a couple other of their delightful songs for free, people are so nice these days. And if you like it, return the favor and pass it on to a friend. Together we can rid the world of bad music, and bring about world peace. I am pretty sure that banjos will also be involved in the world peace process. Oh, in my head, I am starting to form a-- trading guns for banjos-- t-shirt design.  This could be awesome.

A new EP from Local Strangers is anticipated for later on this month.

Even Smaht Kids Have Bad Days

Don't know why I suddenly slipped into a Boston accent there. Smaht. Maybe that spontaneous trip to Dunkin Donuts wasn't the best of ideas. Or maybe it was the best idea ever.

There is a white board on our refrigerator that we use to keep track of due dates for utility bills, common items shopping lists, and breaking news items. Recently we have also added a word of the week. I have no idea why we start doing this. We all have pretty broad, if not colorful, vocabularies, but there are so many words out there, we might as well learn them all. 

I had to laugh when this week's word appeared, complete with usage sentence:

And no, I didn't write the sentence, or pick the word. I guess we all are feeling the January rut: January, the month that feels like a 31 day long Monday. 

Hopefully you had a better week, and didn't day dream about throwing staplers at office mates. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


I was going through some of my pictures tonight and I came across this one and my heart started to ache and tug. Anyone up for a trip to Wales? We can pack our swim costumes and walk along trails and among wild flowers until we reach the sea. And after we have soaked in the sun and splashed in the water we can shake off the sand from knees and toes and find a little cafe to greedily gobble up some sticky toffee pudding. It will be the perfect day in one of the most perfect places. And this time, I will remember the sunblock.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favorite Things As of Late

Gentlemen in red socks

A brand new moleskine notebook

Poetry* on Metro walls

Minton Tiles

A meal that reminded me of France**, but was inspired by an Englishman***

Watching Mad Men over the shoulder of a fellow traveler. 

Oxfords on dizzying carpet

Spiral staircases

Shiny statues

Learning how to make real French baguettes. It only takes 2 days and performing a fire dance, but crusty bread is so worth it.

Making my red meat decisions carefully

German chocolate, straight from Germany

*From The Wound Dresser by Walt Whitman:

    Thus in silence in dreams' projections,
    Returning, resuming, I thread my way through the hospitals;
    The hurt and wounded I pacify with soothing hand,
    I sit by the restless all the dark night - some are so young;
    Some suffer so much - I recall the experience sweet and sad,...
**roasted sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, apricots and pears with a vinaigrette poured over while everything is still warm so it soaks in. Side of greens, and of course, goat cheese. 

***Yotam Ottolenghi to be exact

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Song of the Week: Ducky Boys

The new Ducky Boys album, Chasing the Ghost, is out. I know this for a fact because I tripped over it as I was trying to leave my house on Saturday.  The post man (or woman, or robot or whatever) left the LP in between the screen door and front door. I only wish someone was there to witness my dismount. I totally stuck the landing.  I quickly forget why I opened the front door, don’t worry, it wasn’t because my house was on fire (this time), and brought the record inside.  That’s right, record. It’s a vinyl, anti-environmental conscious, retro, lovely sounding on the turntable, record. I buy most of my music these days in digital form.  It’s convenient, subway listening ready, and it’s instant gratification. Iwanttolistentothissongthisverysecond. But sometimes you just want something tangible. Something to open, to look at. You want to lie on the floor and read over the lyrics and the acknowledgements, look at the artwork, admire the fact that music comes off of this round thing. And sometimes you just need to reorganize your record collection as a means to control the chaos of the world and it is very hard to spread out MP3s on the living room floor.

As I was opening up the package I noticed that my address was handwritten on the front.  Why am I mentioning this? Because it doesn’t happen that often anymore.  The Ducky Boys, who have been around for over a decade, are pretty well known in their native Boston, and have a good size following around the country and world. I saw them a million years ago and I couldn’t tell you a single thing about any of the other bands that night because I was completely blown away by the Ducky Boys set. I have literally worn out copies of their earlier albums due to extended play.   But for reasons all their own they don’t tour much outside of New England and it has been 6 years since their last album. They formed their own record label, State Line Records, to release this album, 100% Do It Yourself (that’s what  all the cool and crafty kids call DIY).  And as impatient I am with other things in life, seriously toaster, I want my toast, I am completely fine with bands taking as much time as they need for a make record. I want the songs to be right.

I pre-ordered the album way back in October. The money from the pre-orders went directly to producing and promoting the album.  But even after all the pre-orders and deserved recognition, members of the band are still probably going to take a financial hit because recording, producing, pressing and mailing an album all yourself isn’t cheap. And as ridiculous as it might sound, knowing that the band sat down and hand wrote all the addresses on the how many cds and LPs and lugged all of it to the post office themselves, is making listening to a great album, that much better.  It goes back taking a risk on doing something you love. Back to the bravery of sharing your life, stories and songs with people, many of which you don’t know. Putting yourself out there in the open, ugly scars and all. And to me, those are some of the most important, and hardest things to do in this little thing we call life. Sometimes I don’t feel that I can be this brave with my own life, but at least I can support others who do.

Now after all those words, let me, finally,  say a couple of words about the album itself, it’s really good. It’s a pretty emotional journey of heartache, starting over, the highs and lows of life and maybe a little bit more heartache. I have to admit that there are a couple of the songs that I have haven't been able to listen to all the way through yet because they strike too close to home. But isn't that the thing about good music, it triggers something familiar within the human story?  Musically it’s pretty simple, in a good way, a very good way. A couple of guys, a couple of guitars, sometimes loud, sometimes not so much, but always with a lot of heart. To quote one of their earlier albums, it’s three chords and the truth.

Want  a little taste?, Here's one of my favorite songs from the new album:

Right now, the entire album is streaming on their website.

Moral of the story: whenever you get a chance, I urge you to support independent music. For bands that I feature on this blog I try to link to their bandcamp page/website if they have one. Buying music directly from the band supports their music and their everyday lives so they can continue to make music. Buy a t-shirt from a touring band, it’s probably how they pay for gas to get to the next gig. Tell your friends of the great new band that you just heard. Empty your pockets of spare change for the  guy or gal playing the guitar on the street corner.  And always, always go early to concerts to see the opening bands even if you have never hear of them, you will find a new favorite band, I promise.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shake the Dust

In a fleeting moment today I was reminded of the poem, "Shake the Dust "by Anis Mojgani, specifically the lines:
Speak every time you stand
So that you do not forget yourself
Never let a moment go by that doesn't remind you
That your heart beats 100,000 times a day
And that there are enough gallons of blood
To make every one of you an ocean
Do not settle for letting these waves settle
And for the dust to collect in your veins

To read the full text of this fine poem go here
To see Mojgani perform his poem press play:
 I was also reminded today that I am a snake. I was wandering around a bookstore and picked up a Chinese horoscope book that was causally sitting by itself on the shelf. I flipped to the section forecasting the year for  the snake, the sign that corresponds to my birth year. There were sentences and paragraphs that meant nothing to me, but the words, "often times a snake needs to shed their skin," meant everything to me. 

Words: Wisdom MLK Edition

“If you can't fly then run, 
if you can't run then walk, 
if you can't walk then crawl, 
but whatever you do
 you have to keep moving forward.” 
--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monuments in Black and White

I don't think that people realize how much effort it takes a lost soul to make it through the doors of church on a Sunday, even if part of me, I mean the soul, really does wants to be there. Today it was too hard, I just couldn't do it.  Instead I went downtown to roam among the monuments.  I have seen them many times in the half dozen years I have lived in the area, but there is just something calming in their grandeur. That is the thing about living in a big city, there are plenty of places to rove and ramble when your head and heart are a little heavy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (it was very crowded today!)

Korean War

 Vietnam War


 Iwo Jima
 And one in color

*Yes, I am missing pictures of the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial. I have always found it hard to take pictures of Washington, and WWII I missed due to construction around the reflecting pool area. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now I'm Just Showing Off

Truth can be heard when Noah and the Whale sings, "It takes real guts to be alone". There are lots of thing that I knew would be the consequences of a solo life. But what I didn't expect was the amount of math that I am required to do. Math is one of those things I that I don't hate doing, I just hate that it doesn't come as easy to me as other things. Numbers and math seem to pop up in my life mostly when I am budgeting and cooking. The budgeting side is pretty obvious, I need to keep track of money in and money out since these bills keep showing up uninvited all the time. Math may not be as obvious when it come to cooking, but it is as necessary. Most recipes are made for at least 4 people, and sure I like leftovers, except when I don't. Enchiladas three days in a row are fine, a whole key lime pie in the fridge isn't. 

Desserts seem to the hardest to whittle down to single servings in your own kitchen. I wish I had a neighborhood bakery that I could stop in and get one cupcake or one cannoli. But I don't.  And everyone knows that homemade always taste better than some apocalypse proof plastic wrapped grocery shelf baked good. But recipes for sweet things usually yield outcomes by the dozen. And when I make a full recipe figuring that I can find enough people to share with, it tends to be the exact same time that everyone is on some no sugar cleanse.  This weekend I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, or maybe a couple, but I didn't want or need a dozen or two. So I took my favorite (egg free) chocolate chip recipe and started to do math, old school style with paper and a pencil. I broke down the amount of each ingredient until I figured that the resulting dough would yield about about 5 or 6 cookies total. And it worked. 6 warm, soft, homemade cookies.  I guess my math teacher of a friend Melinda is right, math can be pretty sweet.
Speaking of Noah and The Whale:
(I can't watch this video without swooning. Charlie Fink in a properly fitting three piece suit. What. My heart stopped. That's what.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Notes From the {Metro} Underground

Isn’t it silly all the games that we make up just to get through the day? I frequently find myself playing subway bingo. On the trains I look for people who are:
Wearing red shoes
Carrying a Trader Joe's bag
Wearing a fanny pack (from May to September this is very easy)
Wearing a cowboy hat (this is very hard)
Reading a book I have read (I am so nosey when I see others reading)
Wearing a military uniform
Reading The Economist (Dear Sir . . .)
Wearing a id badge from my own place of employment*
Sporting a tattoo
Wearing argyle socks
And a fella in a purple shirt
(seeing a park ranger in full uniform + hat is an automatic win)

I have yet to find five on the same train, if this ever happens I will jump up,  and yell BINGO.  I love that this silly little game makes me more aware of the people around me. Sometimes I get so focused on just getting through my day, and if eating peanut butter right out the jar counts for dinner, and how to fit in a trip to Peru in the Spring, that I just don’t notice the lives going on around me. Honestly, some days a person can sit by me for the whole 30-45 minute commute and when I de-train, I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like. Sure, 75% of the time I fall asleep on my evening train, but that may be beside the point.  Every person we meet is a little universe full of stories, fears and dreams, just think if we only knew one or two of them.  Wow, that lady has great red shoes, I wonder why she is going in them. I wonder if that soldier has seen war? What's the story behind that tattoo? Where is the funny pack tourist from, have they tried the French Toast at Eastern Market, did they climb the steps up to Lincoln?

Wouldn’t it be great if I saw one person sporting all my bingo points at once? I bet that would be a one fantastic story.
*It is a social faux pas to wear your work id outside of the office. If you see one, it is probably being displayed by an intern and it perfectly acceptable to mock them.

Sounds: Johnny Cash

On this date, January 13th,  in 1968  Johnny Cash played his famous Folsom Prison concert.  A couple years ago I helped a friend drive her red car, appropriately named The Green Flash, halfway across the country.  That was one fantastic road trip. We out ran a tornado in Missouri, became radioactive in Illinois, survived the apocalypse in Indianapolis, realized that Ohio is a lot bigger state than either one us thought, quoted Monty Python and the Holy Grail ad nauseam (Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!), and sang along, quite loudly, to Mr. Cash and friends.

So here’s to road trips and prison songs! Note that I didn't say here's to prisons. My advice would be stay out of the slammer, kids.

You will see pretty early on in this video, that it is not a clip from the actual prison concert. Unless of course the prison was full of screaming girls. Not that people who continually scream at high pitches, during concerts, don't belong in jail. Sometimes they do. Yep, I said it. 

p.s. I wasn't kidding about the tornado: