Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review: 12 Photos

2011 in Words and Pictures:

This is only picture that I took in the entire month of January and I have no idea why. So please make up your own story, it is probably better than the truth.
In February I went and saw a certain Jon Bon Jovi in concert in Pittsburgh PA. I will have admit that I am a casual Bon Jovi listener, but my friends that I went with, are mega, know every single word to every single song, fans. I think I loved witnessing them in happy music bliss as much as the concert itself. And I have to say,  Mr. Bon Jovi loves his Jazz Hands (who knew?!). I also felt good about the decision that I made in 2006 not to move to Pittsburgh when I was given the chance. It is lovely town, just not right for me. The beautiful skyline:
In March I leaped tall buildings in a single bound. Actually, I went on a field trip for work to the NASA headquarters and ended up on the roof. Mother Ship, take me home!  

In April I finally made it to the Newseum with everyone's favorite baker, Michele, with one "L". It quickly became one of my favorite museums in DC. And I can get pretty judgy when it comes to museums. Thanks to Groupon, I am going back again in January!  It is one of the few museums in the area that charges admission, but it is definitely worth it! From the Hurricane Katrina exhibit:

I ran away for a solo trip to beach. A little red chair, a book, and myself. 
I ran away to Missouri. I ate Mexican food with Jen in Kansas and Amish pastries with The General in Southern MO. You think you have had Amish pastries, but if you haven't been to the Ozark Winds Bake Shop, then your Amish life experience isn't complete. I am thinking about starting a tour company to bring people down there. I am sure this will lead to world peace. Are you guys up for it? We can stop in little towns with names like Pumpkin Center.We also went and saw Mumford & Sons in concert and screamed (with our souls): And I will find strength in pain, and I will change my ways, I'll know my name as its called again.  BANJO!!
June honorable mentions: I started this blog, saw Wicked at the Kennedy Center, planted my garden, and Cafe Rio opened up in the DC area.

Speaking of Amish pastries, in July I went up to Lancaster Country, PA with some lovely friends. We ate pie and looked at 309586754 handmade quilts. And then we ate pie again. 
July honorable mentions:  a hootenanny with homemade BBQ sauce,  a banjo festival, Sweeney Todd at Wolf Trap,  Casablanca/NSO at Wolf Trap, and seeing Tibetan monks riding the Metro. 

My mom and dad came to visit. We did as many touristy things as we could think of. All Washingtonians will be glad to know that I taught them the most important DC rule: "Stand to right, walk on the left." We wandered down to Southern VA and walked in the footsteps of history. Yorktown Battlefield:
August honorable mentions: Mr. Bob Dylan, there was an earthquake AND a hurricane.

September was my month of music, I saw so many good bands, it is hard to pick one picture. So lets go with the best picture. That award goes to the Avett Brothers. They are crazy good live and not to pat myself on the back, but my pictures from that show are some of my favorites of all  year. To see more of my shots, see this post, or just ask me, I have like a billion.
August honorable mentions: going to Boston to see the Dropkick Murphys play at Fenway Park, eat a cannoli at Mike's, and get locked in the hotel bathroom, making jam for the first time ever, and  seeing live in concert: William Elliott Whitmore, The Low Anthem, Laura Marling, Dr. Dog, Flogging Molly.

October was a hard month. I had a bad day, Steve Jobs died, and we didn't win the Trunk or Treat contest. However, the Fall foliage was pretty magical.
October honorable mentions: seeing Pokely LaFarge in a basement, and carving a Death Star pumpkin.

Hello.  I mean, Bonjour. I want to France. The end. I know that I have posted this picture at least 3 times, but I love it so much.
November honorable mentions: Another great Pie Day, and seeing David Mayfield somersault onto the stage.

I had one of the best birthdays in a long time, party hats and all.
December honorable mentions: going home for Christmas.

 Adieu 2011. 2012, be nice to us, 'K?!

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