Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Ate In France

I loved going to a country where it was OK to eat bread.  And bread I did eat. Every day was an experiment on how many different combinations of cheese, bread, fruit and roasted veg I could do. The answer is many. I loved the simplicity and beauty of the food.  France is known for fancy food too (which I tried a little bit of), but I really couldn’t get over just how beautiful the fresh food was, and my favorite meals were actually the ones we cooked at our little maisonette.   We bought most of our food from the local farmer’s markets and prepared everything simply. A little roasting, a little oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, and that is all you need when the food can speak for itself. 

 My first French meal, half a baguette, some jam and a clementine. Not so fancy, but so, so filling, in body and spirit.
 A savory pie and a bit of cake from  German Peter, the husband of June, from June's bake shop at the St. Cyprien market. A perfect picnic until a duck started to freak me out.

 My beloved Pain du Chocolat

 The region is known for their walnuts, so I picked up a walnut cake at one of the markets, sauteed some apples, and voila!

For Thanksgiving we went to one of the 3 open restaurants in our little village. I wanted to try the local cuisine. 
Foie Gras: 

The now infamous steak tartare. When I ordered, I *thought* I knew what it was. I watch TV cooking shows all the time. This is what I got:
 Maybe, I would of tried it, if not for the raw egg. I mentally just couldn't do it. So for dessert I ordered whatever dessert had the most chocolate:

Bon Appetit!!


  1. OH, man you should have called me and asked about that tartare. I could have told you! Abort, Abort. It is not something you want to eat. :) How did the foie gras go? What did it taste like?

    In other news, I want to eat every other picture you posted, especially that pain du chocolat. I've always wanted to go to France, maybe we can go together some day when I have money. :)

  2. I've been missing France lately, I mean how can you not? These lovely images are a refreshing reminder of a perfect and tasty trip.

    Now I think I'll go find a recipe for a rich walnut cake.