Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend in Review

 I am working on two long posts that I am really excited about, Eating in France and Christmas Music. They will both have lots of words, and I am still trying to find all the right words. In the meantime, please enjoy a summary of my weekend in 6 easy steps:

1. Dinner with friends. Sometimes going to a fancy restaurant is nice, but sometimes all you need is bowl of homemade soup. Topics of conversation included red velvet whoopie pies and the Avett Brothers.

2. Parade updates from the General who was in a small town Christmas parade. That's right, the General was IN a parade. Lucky duck.

3. Early birthday presents.

Yep, flowers and a Darth Vader spatula. I am very complex person. (Thanks Mom & Dad, and X)

4. Catching up on holiday episodes. I love holiday themed episodes of TV sitcoms. Love. This week did not disappoint, Modern Family made me laugh so hard, Parks and Rec made me cry, and then The Office gave us this:

(this is an edited clip, I couldn't wait for NBC to post the real one. When this happens, I will switch the clips)

5. Today I was tempted to eat ALL the chocolate in my advent calendar, all 25 days worth. But I didn't. That my friends, is a Christmas miracle. 

6. I know that you all thought my last post about the inflatable snowman was all fun and games, but look what I spotted peeking up out of the neighbor's backyard:
The invasion has begun. Join the resistance!


  1. The Office=Hilarious!

    Ps. Early birthday presents are totally acceptable!

  2. I am soooo proud that the Darth Vader spatula made your blog. I hope the crepes were everything you hoped and dreamed they would be. Happy Late B-day from Peru (hey, I only got internet about an hour ago, so I think I'm doing pretty good here)!