Friday, December 2, 2011

Sounds of Dublin

I  just got back from France and I should be talking about French stuff*, but  today I missed Ireland. 

NPR’s David Dye (World Café) recently started a new series called Sense of Place, where he travels to different locations to learn about the local music scene, past and present. The current segment shines the light, oh a beautiful light, on Dublin, Ireland.  My heart just about burst watching the below video in which Dye is led around Dublin by Irish songwriter Glen Hansard. Hansard is known for his bands, The Frames and the Swell Season,  but also for the movie Once, which he stared in, as well as wrote the music for (and won an Oscar for Best Song). 

Their little tour is how I remember Dublin, exactly.  The music on the street, the music in the pubs, music. Music everywhere.  I think one of the reasons that I felt so at home, so familiar and comfortable, in Ireland was that so much of the history and culture and the people’s lives are communicated through music. And so out in the open. You never had to go looking for it, it was always just there.  The other reason is that our hostel had Nutella on the breakfast tables.

The video is just under 20 minutes, so it is a bit long and the video is covering up the sidebar, but if you ever wondered about Dublin, this is it.

Pictures from my Dublin music ventures:

Grafton Street

*like the utter dismay of walking into the bakery section of a local VA supermarket and shouting:  Bonjour! Je voudrais un Pain du Chocolat, and getting nothing but blank stares. Pain du chocolat! Pain du Chocolat! (Pain du Chocolat are basically croissants with chocolate and world peace wrapped inside. Withdrawal in starting to set it.  I need to learn to make them. Also, French Macarons. Maybe a holiday baking project?). French post coming tomorrow.

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