Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home According to My iPhone

I had decided not to go home for the holidays. Then I went to France, and my head cleared and I realized that I, indeed, wanted to be home for Christmas. So I bought last minute plane tickets home and threw some random things in a backpack.  I don't recommend this travel technique, but sometimes you just have to bite your lip and accept that is why credit cards were invented. 

I spent too brief of a time at my parents' house, watching Canadian home improvement shows, waking up to the smell of pancakes,  listening to family stories and digesting the best BBQ in the Milky Way. Joy to the World.

More Missouri clicks:
Christmas tree twinkles
 BBQ Happiness
 Building box towers for Boxing Day

 Three kinds of Roca? What.
 Lovely Midwest sunsets right outside our front door
 Christmas treats from old friends
 My Great Aunt Theresa's magical apron. I wore it to make a Christmas pie, and now we are all pretty invincible.
 Via The General, my family's batch wasn't done by the time I left. A holiday tradition from our California life.

Shopping at the Plaza . . .
  . . .for discounted ornaments at Halls Department Store. I got one shaped like a round of Gouda.
Making grilled sandwiches with leftover Christmas ham

I hope your holiday was picture perfect!


  1. I just feel it's my duty to inform you that the Brown and Hayley, makers of Almond Roca, is here in the NW and they sell the miswrapped/reject pieces for cheap. You'll have to come up some time and buy some. Glad you had a good Christmas!

  2. So glad you got to come home even if I wasn't able to see you. Its probably good, I ended up with strep and I probably would have given it to you. Darn kids will get you every time.