Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Hipster Holiday Music: Day 6

On the sixth day of Hipster Christmas my true love gave to me: Coldplay and John Denver.

I was talking to a friend today and had to admit that it doesn't fell like Christmas yet. Sure, I have eaten plenty of cookies, driven past houses with twinkling lights, and listen to (and post) a lot of holiday music, but there is just something still missing. Then "Christmas Lights" from Coldplay came on my shuffle, and I realized that what it is missing is the people. I may try hard, but I don't think it will completely feel like Christmas until I am home, like home home, and not just where I sleep every night. Complete with my mom telling me to take my vitamins.

Growing up I always thought cowboys were just in old movies.  Oh, did I mentioned that I grew up in LA? I didn't realize that there were actual people who wore cowboy boots and hats, like everyday. Now I have many friends that come from cowboy states and even cowboy families and go to rodeos and everything. The cowboy is such rooted in Americana, that it is no wonder that we have many cowboy Christmas songs. "Christmas for Cowboys" by John Denver is one of my favorites. Maybe because I always connect John Denver with the Muppets, or maybe because it just a lovely song.
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights (released as a single)

Christmas for Cowboys
John Denver
Rocky Mountain Christmas

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