Saturday, December 24, 2011

12 Days of Hipster Christmas: Day 12

We made it.

Happy Christmas Eve! On this last night of Hipster Christmas I wanted to share my very favorite Christmas hymn, "O Holy Night."  And since it is my favorite hymn I get to be picky about how I like it to be sung. My number one requirement is that is sung by a guy, a fella, one of the male persuasion. I think female singers tend to want to go too high at parts and it comes off as a little shrieky.

I am ok with performers adding a little of their own style to the song, that is the beauty of holiday music, it is how you, individually, interrupt the words and the feelings behind those words. Here are some of my favorite versions:

Josh Groban:


And to complete our eternal round, Sufjan Stevens:

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