Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Dream Dreams

Is it weird that I have never cooked anything for Thanksgiving Dinner? Ever.  Growing up (and still to this day), Thanksgiving is my dad’s domain. Weeks before the big feast we would start seeing recipes appearing under magnets on the fridge, and ingredients congregating on the kitchen desk.  If I would was lucky I would be tasked with the pickles/olive tray where I would precede to do the “one pickle for the tray, one pickle for me” trick. I love pickles.  If I wasn’t so lucky I would be tasked with dragging up the good china from the basement. No one was allowed near the oven or the stove.  My dad is a fantastic cook and we have similar food tastes: the spicier the better and potatoes are our Prozac, so everything that was placed on the table I filled my belly with bliss.  

During my college years I always stayed out West so sometimes I would be invited to eat somewhere and sometimes me and my roommate from Mexico would just stay home and watch scary movies.  Recent years I have been traveling so I have mostly eaten potatoes and stuffing in roadside restaurants, last year it was on a boat. Boooaaaat.

But I have dreams of one day cooking a Thanksgiving Feast, with crisp tablecloths and multiple courses, but sans the turkey. No matter how much I love the family and friends and random circus performers (except clowns) that will surely be invited to the feast, I do not ever see myself cooking a turkey. The job of the bird will have to be assigned to a kind hearted and turkey loving friend, or a deli.

This year, once again and by choice, I will be traveling, but that hasn’t stopped me from perusing the internets and food/cooking magazines for Thanksgiving recipes.

My upmost favorite food blog for Thanksgiving ideas is The Bitten Word. It is written by two local DC guys who task themselves with experimenting and sharing recipes and ideas from their large collection of magazine subscriptions.

I love their idea of Fakesgiving, where they invite friends over to help taste recipes from November/Thanksgiving magazine issues, before Thanksgiving. With all the pressure a major food holiday can bring, it is smart to test recipes first. And you get to eat twice.  This year they also created an index of recipes from said issues, including links to the online recipes.  Food and well organized indexes, two of my favorite things, together at last.  I bookmarked this page like three times, just to be sure; it will be a goldmine of ideas whenever I get around to my own Thanksgiving feast.

Have you ever cooked a full Thanksgiving Dinner? What your some of your favorite places for ideas/recipes?

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