Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sounds: New Mumford & Sons

Since it is November, I am envisioning a lot of food posts, so I want to break it up a little, at least for today.

If you have been to a Mumford & Sons concert in the last year or so, one, you are a lucky duck, and two, you know that they have been road testing a lot of new songs ahead of the release of their second album, which, if the word on the street is correct, will be February 2012.  The internet is full of clips of these songs taken on camera phones at concerts in bad lighting and with someone in the background shouting "Woo hoo!" at least twice.  Finally, finally, we are getting a little bit more produced viewing of new material.

Depending on which band member you ask, this song will be called, "Ghosts," of "Ghosts We Knew." 

Already in love. 

In other M&S news, in honor of The General's birthday, they released a live album that included two songs, "Feel the Tide," and "Hold On to What You Believe," which were previously only available on hard to find and even harder to listen to while walking, EPs.

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