Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sounds: The Goat Rodeo Sessions

I am a little obsessed with The Goat Rodeo Sessions. I was so excited to tell a friend about them the other day that I kept tripping over all my words and I am pretty sure that  my friend thought that I was just rambling on about goat cheese. Again.

But these are the Goat Rodeo Sessions.  And even though little goats chasing down rodeo clowns is a great mental image, these sessions are actually the newest project of cellist extraordinaire, Yo Yo Ma.  For the album, Ma brings in master double bassist, Edgar Meyer, mandolinist Chris Tile (of Nickel Creek fame) and bluegrass fiddler and banjo player Stuart Duncan. By the list of instruments you can probably figure out  that they aren’t playing Mozart. Not that they couldn’t if they wanted to.

These sessions or recordings are a true testament of the beauty of music.  There are shadows of classical music, bluegrass, Celtic and even jazzy jazz, music that you can’t label it one thing and keep in a nice little box, much like a bunch of goats. Music knows no limits. It does know, however that kids from opposite sides of the tracks can play together and be friends.

And to be even more enduring, they played by favorite song from the album, "Attaboy", on The Colbert Report:

They also stopped by The Tiny Desk at NPR, which you can watch here (its 15 minutes: 3 songs)

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