Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Song of the Week: Vandaveer

I talk a lot about bands that are coming, or that I hope will come to the DC area, but rarely do I talk about bands that are already here. So let's talk bout the DC music secene. But don't call it a scene, true scensters hate that term. When the topic of DC music comes up I think most people think of the punk rock scene that birthed such legends as Bad Braisn, Henry Rollins and anything that Iam Mackaye touches (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord Records). But every now and then I hear rumbles and moans about the Federal Collective. This was a folk influenced collective (again NOT a scene)
where musicans and listeners would come together for informal jam session like gatherings in the mid-2000s. I think the last formal gathering was around 2009. Big names to come out of this collective were These United States and Vandaveer.

Vandaveer has been coming up in my music shuffle a lot lately, particularly the below song, "However Many Takes, It Takes." It is the perfect song for the song for the coming winter months when all the colors outside have turned to gray, the sun never returns your needy lover phone calls (Come back! I need you! I love you.) and you may or may not know how you are ever going to make it to spring.

Vandaveer is play in DC at the Red Palace with Ben Sollee on November 19. If I was here, I would be there.


  1. Did you change the font on your blog, or does blogspot just hate me? P.S. - if you changed it, change it back!!!

  2. It is more like Microsoft hates me. It should all be fixed now. It looked fine all on my Apples. It is a good thing that I know who this Anonymous is, or I would think, My what a bossy comment.