Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Song of the Week: Mahoney and the Moment

I have a nerdy need to soundtrack my life. I have playlists dedicated to everything from cross country road adventures to mundane mornings mowing the lawn. One of my favorite times and places to listen to brand new music is my morning commute into the city. Trains slugging through underground tunnels, mixing and meddling with roaming masses of humanity, crisp walks through crowed streets, past monuments and fountains all provide the perfect listening backdrop.

This week Mahoney and the Moment's self titled debut album was the star of my Orange to Red Line rambles. Mahoney and the Moment is the newest collaboration between singers/songwriters Steve Mahoney and Emily Moment. From the very first song I was immediately hooked by the charming folksy melodies. Banjo! Ukulele!, Harmonica! It was one of those moments where I wished I could plug my iPod into the train’s intercom system and share these sweet strains with the rest of my fellow commuters. It would have made much more a pleasant morning soundtrack then the repetitive “ Stand back, the doors are closing.

Steve and Emily share singing duties; each voice strong on its own, but they also blend beautifully. Huh.  I don’t think blend is quite the right word, the two voices seem to have a feel of being woven together, like we are getting all sides of a story. And these stories in tender and authentic song form tell of city life, road tripping and the ever complicated thing we call love. 

I must add a little warning: a side effect of listening to the album is a sudden desire to visit New York City and/or London. Both cities seem to serve as inspiration for many of the songs and if you already have happy memories of roaming the streets of those great cities, your heart will ache a little. But in a good way. 

They have 2 free downloads (including the above Roadtrip), available on their bandcamp page and the full album is currently streaming on Soundcloud. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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