Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song of the Week: Andy Livingston

Salt Lake City based musician, Andy Livingston started his musical career on a dare. Someone dared him to write a song. And he did. Pretty soon he was writing full orchestra pieces. Did I mention that he was still in high school? Umph. People with crazy musical talents. 

When I got the email* about, Water, his third and newest album, one line stuck out to me, It's been an interesting year, and these songs were the only way I had to make sense of it all.”
That is why I think it is so important, for everyone to have a creative release, whether that be music, photography, writing, cooking, painting, etc. We all need something to calm everything we keep bottle up inside, something to help make the world make sense. 

Andy is a piano man, think of Tori Amos with hints of Elliott Smith. The songs are honest and sincere, many times heartbreaking so.  I shouldn’t have listened to it at work. Before I knew it I had tears welling up in my eyes. Good thing my cubicle walls are high. 

I couldn’t find any video clips of songs from Water, but it is currently streaming, in entirely, on Andy’s website, http://www.andylivingstonmusic.com/,  my favorite songs are "What Shall We Sing" (it’s the one that made me cry) and "Fishing for Ophelia".

*For full disclosure, I guess I need to mention that I have known Andy for years. We both survived high school in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t the person that dared him to write a song, but I kinda wish I was so I could take a little credit.

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