Monday, November 28, 2011

My Life in France

I am home. Back in the States. 
And not very happy about it. 
I felt my heart break a little  as the plane landed.
I started to cry as I waited curbside for my ride to take me home.

In the lovely French countryside I found that girl.
The girl that smiles and laughs.
The girl that writes quirky emails to friends and calls her parents just to say how happy she is.
The girl that feels that she is exactly where she is suppose to be at that exact moment. Not wanting for the past or the future, but drinking in deeply the present. 

I've been looking for the girl. And in the shadow of castles, I became that girl.

Things I already miss:

Living next door to a castle on a hill:

Castle to the left, our little cottage to the right

Shopping at local Markets:

Shared Meals:
Unexpected moments :
A church filled with light

Castle ruins among farmhouses 

Paris at Midnight when the fog makes the city glow

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  1. So wish I could have joined you. How exquisitely charming! Can't wait to hear all about it.