Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leftover Bits and Pieces From Pie Day

I have had several people ask about some of the little details of Pie Day, so ta da:

1.    Candies:  We had a homemade candy stand this year, ‘cause candy stand is fun to say. All the recipes (below) were super easy to make, however they did take time to make/chill and took lots of fridge space, but we did make all four at once.

Chocolate Mustaches: made with a candy mold (under $3) from Michaels
English Toffee (p.s. I was listening to the Beatles as I was making the toffee to make sure it was extra English)

2.    Chalkboard: I made the chalkboard from a picture frame that I had bought at Ikea, but had accidentally broken the glass pane. I got some chalkboard paint (available at craft stores near the spray paint), painted the fake wood backing and then placed it back in the frame. Super easy, but to make a good chalkboard surface you need to paint at least 2 coats, so plan ahead.

3.    Cute pie takeaway boxes: courtesy of Ms. M, bought here.  I’m not sure if Ms. M or Mr. K made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache with Raspberries Pie that was inside the boxes, but it tasted like a chocolate covered peanut and jelly sandwich. I am pretty sure it is what angels eat.

4.    No one brought brownies.

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