Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Also known as last blog post about going to France until I come back and bore you all about having been in France. And a lot of picture of cheese. I am sure about this.

I leave on a jet plane in a couple of days.  And in a very uncharacteristic move, I have done little to no preparing.*

You have to understand, I am an over planner, sometimes obnoxiously so.  I do research, read piles of travel books, I make itineraries, and I makes lists, lots of lists. I plan for the worst case scenarios. I am the person with the Band-Aids and the phone number to the US embassy.  I guess that all this planning helps me feel some sense of security in unfamiliar places. But my trip to Wales last year taught me that sometimes the best stories can come when you let go.  And even though I am excited to set foot in Paris, I think that I am even more excited to spend 98% of the trip out in the countryside.

I need this.  Work and life have just got me a little beat down and I am tired of being brave. 

When people ask me what I will be doing in France I simply sigh.  But, what the heck, here is my first and probably only list for the trip:

In France, I want to:

Breathe.  Lately, it has been feeling like I have been holding my breath, I just want to breathe in deeply, to fill my lungs with new, sweet air.

Try new things. Taste, smell and see things for the very first time.

Sleep. Man, oh man, how I want to get a good night’s sleep. I want to remember what it is like to be refreshed or awake.  Like, really awake.

Be far away, in every sense, from my routine life.

Eat good cheese and good bread and good chocolate, and not feel bad about it.

But even when running away, you still need to pack. I need to get on that. All you need in France is a striped shirt (check), a beret (check), and clean underwear (check), right? 

*my kind and wise travel companions handled all the important stuff, flights, lodging, transportation, etc. Thankfully.

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